In 1997, after several years of working for my mom's wholesale ribbon business, I decided to start a business of my own. Armed with a determination to produce a quality product and a talent for creative design, I decided to start my own hair accessory line, Beyond Creations®, specializing in braided headbands for girls and eventually adding hair bows too. In 2007, my husband Gary joined the company, allowing Beyond Creations® to further grow. - Claudia

Product Features

100% handmade in the USA

All clips are covered so you do not see metal clasp

All ends are hot sealed

Unmatched quality and consistency

  • GrosgrainOur Most Popular Bow

  • Grosgrain & Knot8 Sizes - 45 Colors

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27 Nov 2011

They Go Beyond!

We put a lot of thought into engineering so you can mix and match any headbands and bows. All our designs are versatile and stackable, even those with knots! With the best pricing, quality and service in the industry, our bows and headbands sell themselves. Our creations aren't just good, they go beyond!

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Stack! Mix! Match!

Stack, Mix and Match, bows and headbands!!